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Have you heard my first album, SOS: Sublime Over Stress? Welcome to my debut project, SOS: So Saafyr. This body of work unlocks the next chakra, Svadhisthana. Sacral energy is all about creative sensuality and accountability. In this project, I tell 11 stories with harder beats. The beautiful album cover is designed by lovely Leilah Vision of Club Penelope. This project features Engineers such as EZ Street Productions, 2.0 Records, and Green Socks. I couldn't make such art without the magical producers of each instrumental, like Papa Ray Dondada and ARAW for creating such work of sonic art. Lastly, a big shout out to the sister features Aabidah Muhammad, Khadijah La Musa, and Sarvenaz Asiedu. Each of you are a blessing to this body of work! MY DEEPEST GRATITUDE! To listen to the full album, search all 11 songs on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, and more. Links are on the bottom of the page. For more content, be sure to explore all the sites. Enjoy the vibes!

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Bio (she/ella)

"Poetry is my first love, music is my passion, when I make art, my soul starts laughing. I don't expect to be heard; I appreciate being seen. Book me at your next event as a host, interpreter or femcee." - Saafyr (click photo for video)

"Poetry is my first love, music is my passion, when I make art, my soul starts laughing. I don't expect to be heard; I appreciate being seen. Book me at your next event as a host, interpreter or femcee." - Saafyr (click photo for video)

Noemi ‘Saafyr’ Paz, also known as Miss Pu$$y, is a queer, sensually empowered, spiritual, black, indo-carribean Expressive Healing Artist. She is a performer, a trained facilitator, organizer, event host, vlogger and an American Sign Language interpreter. Her skills pour into activism for multilingual justice, sexual trauma survivors, and especially, for black and brown wombxn/people. She has written for NEXUS Storytelling Project, Brain Arts Blog of Dorchester Art Project and she is a creative consultant for the Leadership Team of Survivor Theatre Project. Saafyr seeks to thrive in her desires for pleasure and revolution. She has been a community educator, a youth worker, and connects with folks who seek healing. Her wounds are her motivation. She includes her music, blog, workshops, as a self-owned social enterprise that started in 2014. SOS: Sharing Our Stories; a collective space for artistic affirmations that centers autonomy of marginalized individuals to learn radical self-love. Saafyr has received a Luminary Award from The Network/La Red in 2019 for her compassion towards liberation. She has done various works with Dunamis Boston. Her second debut album, SOS: So Saafyr was released September 7, 2020 featuring artists such as Penelope (Leilah Vision), Eva Davenport, Red Shaydez, and Kiki Banks. In her spare time, she dances to an eclectic music playlist, meditates, explores with nature, and hangs out with her chosen friends and family. She is originally from Boston, MA, and currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island with her cat Obsidian (Obi) and her snake Pearl.


Previous events

Date Event Location
Creatives of Boston: SOS: Radical Self-Love Letters  
Dusky Peril  
Club Penelope Zoom Zoom
 —  — SOS: So Saafyr Albbum Release Party Zoom Zoom
SOS: Radical Self-Love Letters  
Facebook & Instagram Live  
Poetic Distancing: An Online Slam Poetry Event ZOOM ZOOM
“Pop Out” To The Pop Up! Lena Park Development Corporation , Dorchester Lena Park Development Corporation , Dorchester
Power of Womxn & the Body AIM Academy, PA AIM Academy, PA
Ventricles: A Celebration off Queerness & Self Love Bella Luna/Milky Way, Boston Bella Luna/Milky Way, Boston
Radical Self-Love: Self Care in Community Sage Healing Collaborative , East Providence Sage Healing Collaborative , East Providence
Nyrie's Grown N' Sexy Middle East - Upstairs, Cambridge Middle East - Upstairs, Cambridge
Open Mic & Showcase Central Soundz The Middle East: Zuzu, Cambridge The Middle East: Zuzu, Cambridge
Art & Soul 2 2Twenty2, Boston 2Twenty2, Boston
 —  — DAP Open Mic Dorchester Art Project , Dorchester Dorchester Art Project , Dorchester
 —  — HTCA SOS | STP Workshop Cambridge Women's Center , Cambridge Cambridge Women's Center , Cambridge
 —  — \Wild Tongues: Voices Liberated Connexion, Somerville Connexion, Somerville
 —  — Luminary Award Spontaneous Celebrations , Jamaica Plain Spontaneous Celebrations , Jamaica Plain
Juneteenth: Save Our Selves DEAF, Inc. & STP  
Paint the Town by The Network La/Red  

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